Discover the future of fitness with Olymp equipped with the Solo system.

Expectations for fitness clubs are higher than ever, which is why, together with the SOLO app, we introduce solutions that set new standards in the industry.

SOLO is an innovative way to transform any exercise machine into smart fitness equipment. Utilizing the system allows for a comprehensive modernization of the club with minimal financial input. This solution is aimed at club members, trainers, and staff. At the heart of the system lies the SOLO Module, complemented by three different applications. Training with SOLO enables real-time tracking and analysis of progress, also streamlines the creation of personalized training and diet plans. The dashboard allows for collecting valuable information about the Club and clients and generates detailed reports on the Club’s performance and individual machines.

The combination of SOLO and Olymp is not just a step forward in technology and equipment but primarily introduces your club to a new, higher level. Clubs that opt for this synergistic cooperation not only gain a competitive edge but also provide their clients with unforgettable training experiences, motivating them to continue developing and achieving goals. By choosing Olymp and SOLO, you open your space to the future of fitness, where innovation and quality go hand in hand with customer satisfaction and loyalty.